SA Will Do Sailing Transformation

South Africa is all set to redefine sailing in the country.

It has taken a significant step in the direction and has appointed a full time CEO and transformation councilor to do the task. The CEO is Greg Smith and the councilor is Golden Mgedeza. Both were appointed on 1 November and are being given the responsibility of transforming sailing sport incontinent.

The objective behind appointment this personality is to get regains the interest of players in the sport and makes strong participation in coming Olympic game. Speaking about appointment South Africa Sailing president Philip Baum said “It is extremely crucial that this sport should reach to a large number of people in the country. Only then the country will get talented players. The ultimate goal of promoting sailing in South Africa is to get success in all international level events. However, we also want to grow this sport in the country and want participation by a large number of people”.

He further added that “Golf has changed the face of Gauthan; South Africa’s participation in sailing too will redefine the game. We are hopeful about our efforts and we are also looking for sponsors in country for growth of this game at large”.

“I believe that appeal to participate in sailing has been put in South Africa strongly. Moreover, there are perceptions for sailing is also prevailing in place that is also deterring people to join this game. The new team, formed this time is very efficient and are aware of the various challenges that they will come through,” added Smith.

“Strategies are already planned and I think recognizing the things that will bring a difference. South African Sailing has large volunteer environment and thus it needed someone permanently to monitor the things on the ground. Only this will bring the transformation that is required in South Africa”.