St Francis Yacht Club Wins 2018 Morgan Cup

St Francis yacht club team, San Francisco with Michael Menniger as captain is the winner of the 2018 Morgan Cup. Apart from thanking the crew members, the captain gave the credit for the victory to all the members who made the practices possible for the team and couldn’t attend the regatta.

Menninger said that the three on three practice sessions made them work as a team and were able to race in a natural way at the competition. Morgan Cup is one of the highly competitive keelboat racing regattas in the country. This was the 16th edition of the racing competition.

The New York Yacht Club with Peter Levesque as captain, Corinthian Yacht Club (Marblehead, Mass) two-time defending champion San Diego (Calif) reached in second, third and fourth positions respectively.

The race for the Morgan Cup was conducted for the first time in 2002 by the New York Yacht Club and over the years, it has become one of the most popular trophies among post-collegiate racers. This year’s competitors for the race included Olympians, sailors of the year from colleges, and former race world team champions. The regatta was from August 3rd to 5th at New York Yacht Club Harbor Court.

The weather played spoilsport with thunder and rain on the second day and erratic winds on the third day. Hence, the elimination round was avoided and the winners were selected based on the performance of the teams on the two rounds.
The San Franciscan team won both because of their preparation and because of the strong breeze on day one. They were comfortable to race in windy conditions as they come from one of the windiest locations in the United States. St-Francis team won all the nine matches on the first day and received a three-point lead at the first round robin. In the second round, they lost two matches. However, based on their first-round performance they came out as winners.